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Vol 10 Issue-3 Jul - Aug 2016
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Salient features of innovative weapons solutions (small arms) for the Armed Forces by Handl Defense, USA
Combat Veterans
Saturday, July 23, 2016

Handl Defense is a US manufacturing, technology and innovation company owned and operated by combat veterans with a majority percentage coming from the US Special Operations Forces. We are focused on bringing advanced solutions to modern weapon platforms. Handl Defense is more than just our well known enhancements to the FN SCAR® platform. What sets Handl Defense apart is our ability to provide rapid, effective, mission focused solutions for customers, strategic partners and government agencies.
Handl Defense product development is based on military standards, tactical doctrines, and our real world operational experiences. Handl Defense got its start by fulfilling the requests of combat experienced war fighters. Over the years, Handl Defense has developed a reputation within the US Special Operations Community as innovators of repute. We seek to provide value to our customers by improving upon performance, adding new capabilities and supporting operational doctrines.
Handl Defense possesses the ability to bring extensive US firearms production knowledge to an Indian partner. While focused on 7.62 x51, the all new weapon will also be fully capable of using most of the calibers in possession of the Indian military. Handl Defense has multiple patented technologies that allow for streamlined production and fielding of new weapon systems that are truly multi-caliber. Our patented technology allows for the use of multiple caliber systems in one weapon platform. We have already produced a system that can fire 7.62x51, 260 REM, 6.5 Creed more, 5.56x45, 300 Blackout, and 7.62x39 in one weapon. We possess the ability to field any caliber variant in the 5.56x45, 7.62x51, or 7.62x39 cartridge families.
This allows for phased implementation and divestiture of calibers. As new small arms innovations come along, Handl Defense has patented technologies which allow for old calibers to be slowly phased out, thus reducing waste of existing stockpiles of ammunition and supplies. It also allows for faster modernization time frames, as logistics become a reduced burden.
Handl Defense has the benefit of direct experience with Indian Military Special Operations Forces. Frank Plumb, Director of Military Programs, was deployed to India with US Special Forces. While there, he developed Close Quarters Battle and Precision Marksmanship doctrine for the Special Operations Units. Consequently Handl Defense solutions reflect a tactical, doctrinal, and logistical understanding of the needs facing the Indian military.
We seek Indian partners to collaborate for an indigenous production facility for a 7.62x51 based multi-caliber rifle of our design. The potential of an India based manufacturing and US based institutional knowledge offers a powerful combination. We expect this joint venture to meet ‘Make in India’, thus giving us a distinct advantage.
With Handl Defense’s program, new technology introduction can be tightly managed and scaled. This minimizes disruptions to combat units and weapons program management. Once new technologies are implemented, they can be scaled as needed. For example, Special Operations units could require a multitude of configurations due to their diverse mission set, or an Infantry battalion/formation could be refitted at any given time; all of this without major disruptions to existing supply chain structures. This gives unprecedented flexibility and cost savings to the field formations and procurement directorates and agencies. 
Our proposal is oriented for easy integration with Indian production partners. This exciting opportunity will allow the joint venture to not only service the Indian military, but also lucrative foreign markets, to include the United States. Our proposal also affords the joint venture a special ability to radically expand its markets beyond India. This proposal can thus help transition India into becoming a modern small arms manufacture.

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