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The Indian Navy, which traces its roots to the East India Company, served under the British Flag, till our country attained Independence and the force was re-christened as the Indian Navy consequent to India becoming a Republic in 1950. The years thereafter have been eventful. The Navy has rendered yeoman service to the country safeguarding our maritime interests and contributing immensely to other national efforts. From the first engagement in action against the Portuguese Navy during the liberation of Goa in 1961 to the sinking of the Pakistani submarine Ghazi and the daring attack on the Pakistani Naval HQ at Karachi during the 1971 war, it has been phenomenal military work. Besides these the navy has been involved in multifarious HADR efforts. From providing relief consequent to the Tsunami in 2004 to fighting pirates and evacuating nationals of several countries, in times of distress, from far off lands, the list is endless.                                                                                                                                        

As the Indian navy also celebrates the completion of fifty years of its Submarine Arm, Commodore Anil Jai Singh introspects upon the existing capabilities of the underwater arm and the voids that need to be filled effectively and expeditiously. We congratulate the Indian Navy and wish them God Speed in the years to come. They are truly our pride.

Lt Gen Ata Hasnain analyses with characteristic detail, the historical as also civilizational factors that underlie the present state of turmoil in the Middle East and the role of the two major protagonists – Iran and Saudi Arabia. The recent Quadrilateral Security Dialogue between India, USA, Japan and Australia has great possibilities of giving shape to a security architecture in the region. The idea first mooted in 2007, did not take off for various reason but now the proposal surely has distinctive indicators of success, which is certainly going to be for the good.

Maj Gen Vinod Saighal recounts vividly the poignant emotions and honour shown towards the late Gen KS Thimayya by all three warring sides upon his sudden passing away while Commander UNFICYP – a true legend indeed.

As 2017 draws to a close, we reflect upon our contributions and achievements even as we resolve to perform better in the years to come. Till then, a big thank you to our readers and patrons for all your support.