March 2019

Sino India Relations: Need for a Realistic View

“It is in India’s interest to see China strong enough to provide credible bi-polarity in the interregnum during which the world moves towards the establishment of a globally respected United Nations system; one which would be capable of enforcing its mandate without let or hindrance. At the same time, it is vital to India’s interest to NEVER underestimate China’s threat potential”. Excerpt from a talk delivered at the United Service Institution by the writer in 1999 “Dealing with China in the 21st Century”*.  

Roundtable: Strategic Partnership & Indigenisation - Looking Ahead

To  give a boost to the indigenous defence industry and ensure timely delivery of quality equipment to the Armed Forces, the Strategic Partnership (SP) Model was approved in May 2017 and added as an adjunct to the DPP 2016. The Model  aims to  invigorate defence production and gradually enhance/build indigenous capabilities in the private sector to design, develop and manufacture complex weapon systems for the future needs of the Armed Forces.

Revisiting Battlefield Mobility: Wheeled Combat Vehicles

The changing nature of warfare and the operational scenarios prevailing in our context have generated much debate about  wheeled versus tracked combat vehicles. The author analyses the issue and suggests pragmatic solutions to resolve the dilemma

“You keep moving and the enemy cannot hit you. When you dig a foxhole, you dig your grave. An Army must be capable of rapid movement’’ -Gen George S Patton

Mechanised Forces Capability Building: Future Perspective

Capability building of mechanised forces for future conflicts must be looked at holistically so that they are able to decisively engage across the entire spectrum of conflict in our context. It is also of the essence that all elements comprising the mechanised forces are fully complementary to each other. The article delineates what needs to be done to achieve these objectives

Evolving Threat Matrix and Lessons

Scholar Warriors : Indian Armed Forces Need to get the perception right

The Armed Forces for some reason have not been able to create the right perception about themselves in the public eye. We need to work in unison to right this wrong. The aspect that soldiering requires intellectual skills must be conveyed to the public and polity of the country so that they get the right perspective. Our perception managers must also clarify our stance on NFFU least it is taken that we keep crying hoarse over nothing

Dealing with Pakistan’s Kashmir Obsession

The past three decades have seen the relations between India and Pakistan become increasingly vitriolic over the Kashmir issue. The Deep State within Pakistan continues to adopt new stratagems – Pulwama being the latest. Whilst India’s response was in more than equal measure, the ultimate way forward for the Indian establishment is to adopt a balanced approach in Kashmir, a mix of hard and soft options