January 2019

HAL-Rafale - An Avoidable Controversy

Though the recent judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court has legally settled the controversy on the Rafale MMRCA procurement, a political storm on the issue still rages. Air Marshal Anil Chopra analyses the several implications of this controversy  on the prowess of the IAF, the efficacy of the procurement process, the initiatives to indigenise and, importantly on the reputation and status of HAL

Belt and Road Initiative Costs and Consequences

A telling commentary on CPEC and BRI, China’s initiative to boost trade and infrastructure in Asia, Europe and Africa linking the continents. However a number of issues have surfaced, even before the initiative takes off.  In terms of deficits, concerns have been raised about owing unmanageable debts to China in Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Laos, along with Pakistan. Beijing's massive economic project is also plagued with sovereignty concerns. Ajay has carried out a detailed analysis with particular reference to India.