December 2018

Future Artillery India :Enhancing, Precision and Accuracy

There is no doubt that the maturing of Disruptive Technologies and the onset of AI, Machine learning and IOT will impact the future Battlefield Landscape. Cyber, Hybrid warfare and Non-contact Warfare are already being witnessed in different parts of the world. Application of IOT to weapon platforms – resulting in technological innovations like Swarm Drones are peeping on the horizon, but that may be a bit far in the future for us in India.

Conduct of UNPKO & UNPEO Under United Nations Counter Terrorism Centre (UNCCT)

As the United Nations braces itself for a more definitive role in countering the scourge of terrorism, there is requirement for its member states and the UN Headquarters to evolve a new Peace-building architecture. The article highlights the mindset and required systemic reforms needed to effectively meet  future challenges


Artificial Intelligence in Military Aviation

Though AI applications in Aviation have been in existence since the time of Auto pilots, there are so many more aspects of aviation, covering flight control, navigation, and imagery where AI would facilitate safe, accurate flight, with reduced risk of pilot error accidents. The article discusses the advantages that AI would bring, particularly to the military aviator to facilitate processing the abundance of data from aircraft sensors, weapons and  the like

Armoured Vehicles India 2018

In keeping with the convention of conducting an annual symposium on Future Armoured Vehicles, South Asia Defence and Strategic Review conducted  the ninth edition of the seminar,in concert with the ‘Centre for Joint Warfare Studies’ on 14 and 15 Nov 2018 at the DRDO Auditorium New Delhi.