October 2018

Rebooting Defence Manufacturing- Need do for a Collaborative Strategy

Consolidation of defence industrial capabilities in the face of shoestring budgets is an ongoing endeavour across all nations with large militaries.Lt Gen NB Singh (Retd) former DG EME analyses whythe time has come for India to conjointly harness defence industrial capabilities in its public and private sectors to suggest a ‘mixed strategy’ that would propel the ‘Make in India’ initiative and lead to providing high quality weapon systems to its Armed Forces.

Time for IAF to Control Aircraft Production

India’s Military Aircraft production, of which Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) is the prime production Agency, falls much short of its requirement. In pursuit of the quest to enhance production capacities, Air Marshal Anil Chopra (Retd) makes a strong case for reversion to the earlier practice of appointing senior serving Air Force officers as Chairman of HAL to emphasise how that would go towards bringing in an aspect of ‘ownership’, pragmatic leadership and importantly, accountability and candid reportage.

US-India Defence Cooperation - Moving Beyond Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI)

As the world moves toward a multipolar order and India plays a balancing act to ensure that its strategic interests are protected, events of the recent past have brought about an opportunity for the US and India to forge a closer defence relationship,  Col Michael Padgett (Retd), US Army and  Brig Arvind Thakur ( Retd) place their thoughts together to outline the current status and potential future course and opportunities for both countries

BIMSTEC – An Alternative Regional Grouping

The major achievement of the fourth BIMSTEC Summit held at Kathmandu from 30 -31 August, was that it took place so soon after the previous one. Since its establishment in 1997, there have been only four BIMSTEC summits – the first in Bangkok in 2004, New Delhi at 2008, at Naypyidaw in 2014 and now at Kathmandu. In its two decades of existence it has been virtually stagnant for the past 18 years and has received sudden impetus only in the past two years or so.

Pakistan’s New Captain

As Imran Khan assumes Captainship of the Pakistani State, the challenges that he faces are immense, not the least being the state of the economy. Ajay Singh outlines the multifarious issues Pakistan’s new captain faces and the challenge to his leadership skills in pulling his beleaguered nation out of its present economic and political morass