May 2018

The Resolution of the Sino Indian Boundary Question

The informal meeting at Wuhan on 27 and 28 April, between PM Modi and President Xi Jinping, two of the world’s most powerful leaders is indeed historic in many ways. Wuhan provided the perfect setting and optics for the two leaders, both endowed with extraordinary communication skills, to reset the stressed India-China relations in an effort to create conditions for the Asian Century, global peace, progress and prosperity. The connect of Wuhan with chairman Mao Zedong could not have been lost on PM Modi.


It was not about numbers. With an extended suspense lasting till the eleventh hour over the venue and dates of DEFEXPO 2018, it was not expected to set new standards for number of participants and size of stalls. Instead there were numerous misgivings and doubts about its conduct altogether. Even till a couple of days prior to the event, news about dusty approaches and unprepared stands was enough to give people second thoughts about  attending the Expo.

The Revenge of Geography A Primer on India-Nepal Relations

Nepal lies along the central Himalayas. This rectangular piece of South Asia has acted as an important bridge linking two ancient civilisations of the Asian continent, Tibet in the north later assimilated by China in 1959 and India in the south. The land slopes downwards from the almost impenetrable and mighty Himalayan wall of the north until it reaches the southern fertile Terai plains. The narrow track of Terai plains was once covered by thick tropical forest known as the ‘Char KoseJhadi’.

Arming for the future

To state that the nature of threats and of conflicts is rapidly changing is axiomatic. An analysis of the threats and military conflicts of recent times suggest that profound changes are taking place in the nature of warfare. There has not been a full-scale conflict across the entire spectrum of warfare in recent times. And there are enough indicators that point towards the fact that warfare hereinafter will largely be a combination of conventional and hybrid wars.

Giving Peace a Chance

On 27 April 2018 at  9.28 AM Kim Jong Un stepped over a concrete kerb which serves as the military demarcation line between the two Koreas and assisted by a beaming Moon Jae- In, the South Korean President, crossed over. He was the first North Korean leader to have set foot into the South after the Korean War and that historical step raised hopes for peace in one of the most volatile regions of the world.