July 2017

Scholar Warrior

Reinventing the wheel is known to be an old adage, but the profession it is repeatedly applied in is the military. However, good military men won’t usually admit that until you needle them a little on what all they did in their careers. Since I seem to be critiquing my brethren let me be the first to admit that the adage has not escaped me either. However, I am proud that I am admitting it today as much as I admitted it in those years in service. Most of us have lived with the perception that our predecessors just could not have been as good as us.

Equipping The Indian Army To Complement Military Strategy

Has technology become the dominant force behind the equipping programmes of the Army and other Services at the cost of military strategy? The main trigger of change for the future should be our military strategy to achieve the National Security objectives. Technology has brought about a new dimension to waging war, using the domain of cyber, space and C4ISR, but it is military strategy that should drive the equipping plan.

Evolution of Military Strategy

Quagmire in Afghanistan

Afghanistan as a nation has rarely witnessed peace. It has been engulfed in some form of conflict throughout its history. Its inter-tribal rivalry and within tribes, inter-clan rivalry has always been its bane. It continues unabated even in present times, when other problems like the Taliban and ISIS appear more overbearing. It is evident as the nation is compelled to create an additional appointment of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to accommodate Abdullah Abdullah, in addition to a President, to minimize tribal rivalries.

North East Seminar

A seminar on Unravelling the Political, Economic and Security Influences in NE India and its Impact on the Nuances of Indo-Myanmar Border Management, was conducted by Assam Rifles under the stewardship of Lt Gen Shokin Chauhan, AVSM, YSM, SM, VSM, the Director General of Assam Rifles at Shillong on 23 and 24 Jun 2017. The speakers and panelists included a galaxy of luminaries to include Shri Tathagata Roy, Governor of Tripura, Lt Gen Nirbhay Sharma(retd),PVSM, UYSM,AVSM, VSM, Governor of  Mizoram and Sh P B Acharya,  Governor of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.

Lt Gen (Retd) Michele PÉtrÉ

Michele Pétré was appointed to the Ministry of Defence/DGA in 1971. In 1982, he was attached to the Strategies Studies Group where he was responsible for research policy, nuclear deterrence and anti-ballistic missile defence.

In 1987, he was appointed in the Missiles Directorate (DGA) and since 1997 as deputy Director. In 2002, he held the appointment of Ingénieur Général Hors Classe de l’Armement, Director in charge of Future Armament Programs and Defence Research & Technology (DGA).

ATGM 5 : A New Anti-Tank Capability

Indian subcontinent remains one of the few geographical areas in the world where the threat of a conventional armed conflict remains high and within the realm of possibilities. Acquisition of military hardware and capability development in this field remains high on the agenda of the nations in the region. India, too, like all its neighbours continues to equip its armed forces to defend itself against aggression protect its strategic interests.

Augmented Reality: Opportunities for Naval Forces

The previous year, 2016 had been a seminal year for Augmented Reality (AR). It witnessed the launch of Pokemon Go, a free-to-play, location-based AR game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. The activity involved a Pokémon appearing on Google Maps and then allowing the gamers to use their browsers to search for the exotic monsters located at real-world positions and physically reaching up to them and then hit an icon on screen, and be rewarded with items and experience points.