May 2017

Future Artillery India 2017

Centre for Joint Warfare Studies and South Asia Defence & Strategic Review organised a seminar on ‘Future Artillery India’ on 27 and 28 Apr 2017 at the DRDO Auditorium. The two-day seminar had some very engaging presentations and enriching discussions on the vastly important issue. The seminar was well attended by serving and retired officers from the services, DRDO, DPSUs, members of the industry and academia.

The Quest for an Effective Assault Rifle for the Indian Soldier

The Indian Army is by far one of the most battle hardened and combat rich Armed Forces in the world. However, it is also one of the most poorly equipped forces.  After marking time for a decade under the previous regime, the Ministry of Defence, under the active guidance of the erstwhile Raksha Mantri, Mr Manohar Parrikar, signed as many as 110 defence contracts of an aggregated worth of  Rs 1,13,995 crores besides  according ‘Acceptance of Necessity” (AON) for another 101 schemes valued at Rs 2,39,000 crores.

Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR)

The conduct of military operations since time immemorial has been contingent on ISR. There would be no gain saying that ISR is old as the history of warfare. Only the means and devices have continually changed. From the spies with sly looks, in the olden days, to satellites orbiting the earth, to manned aircraft and to unmanned aircraft; we have indeed travelled a long distance. ISR has always been and will remain an important facet, impacting decision making by commanders, like none other. It covers all three dimensions of space-the land, the sea and the air.

Navies Ride the Digital Transformation

Navies have been in continuous process of technological transformation and envelop of warfare at sea has expanded. In the 16th Century, when cannons came to be carried onboard ships, gunnery duels took place within visual range; but today the standoff capability is symbolized by Tomahawk type of missiles which can be launched at targets on land from as far as 3000 kilometers in the sea.

India and Japan : A Yen for a closer Maritime Engagement

Japan is very much the flavour of the current Indian season. Especially when juxtaposed against China, Japan is acknowledged by New Delhi as being one of the most significant maritime players in the Indo-Pacific.  Indeed, Japan’s steadily deteriorating and increasingly fractious relationship with China is a prominent marker of the general fragility of the geopolitical situation prevailing almost throughout the Indo-Pacific.

MRSAM - A Breakthrough for Army’s Air Defence Capability

The COAS Gen Bipin Rawat, whilst speaking to media recently, stated that the present fleet of air defence systems, to include guns and missiles, are obsolete and that the Army is in critical need of their replacements. Army’s air defence has been found wanting for over three decades now. A consequence of over 96% of the inventory of guns, missiles and associated fighting machinery being obsolete and having outlived their life many a times over. Indian Army is now looking forward to the induction of an