February 2017

Why the US cannot quit Afghanistan

To find an answer for the above proposition it is essential to go back a century when Britannia ruled the waves. The heartland hypothesis was enunciated by Sir Halford Mackinder in 1904. This theory regards political history as a continuous struggle between land and sea powers with the ultimate victory going to the continental power. He predicted: “Whoever rules East Europe, will rule Heartland; whoever rules the Heartland, will rule the World Island.

Proudly Indian

The Indian Army has been in the quest for a new artillery gun for its inventory for many a year. The spectre of BOFORS did cause delays; however, things moved on and we have recently had trials (after due process) of the 155 mm guns offered by French Nexter systems and Elbit from Israel. Further evaluation of the same is in progress.

President Trump : What Does It Imply

Donald Trump took over as the 45th President of the United States of America after what has been the most divisive campaign in US history. Keeping to form, he began his inauguration dancing to the song ‘Do it my Way’ and on the first day of his presidency announced that he would make widespread changes to Health care, Climate Action Plan and other issues. It promises to be the start of – to use a Trumpism - an ‘Unpresidented’ presidency.

Grey Eagle

Defstrat: Naval Aviation has a critical role to play in maritime security to ensure 24x7 ISR (Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) in the Indian Ocean. Are we fully geared to meet the challenges that these tasks pose?