July 2016

Vietnam’s Geostrategic Importance to the USA, China and India

Geostrategy, like its fraternal twin, geo-economics, is a subset of geopolitics.  It is guided principally by geographical factors that inform, constrain, and affect political and military planning.  In fact, nationhood and strategy are linked by geography, which is often called the mother of strategy.  Indeed, it is geography that confers greater or lesser geopolitical significance to a given state.  For instance, it is geography that has gifted Vietnam a very long coastline, spanning almost the entire western stretch of the South China Sea (SCS).  This is an important sea, incorporating w

Blue Economy and Indian Coast Guard

The contemporary maritime and marine discourse has placed Blue Economy high on the national agenda of a number of countries and several governments have endorsed the concept and stated their intention to promote sustainable use of the oceans for economic purposes. There is also a growing awareness among the users of the oceans about the critical necessity to ensure a good health for the oceans and a ‘tinge of blue’ is quite evident in new national ocean strategies and policies.

HCL Deploys Defence Communication Network

The nature of the current battle space warrants that our forces viz the army, navy and the airforce fight in an integrated manner. To achieve the synergy required to effectively fight together there is an imperative requirement of real time and seamless communications between the three forces. Military thinkers have been continually stressing upon the requirement for seamless integration and synergy of the three services to counter threats to India’s territorial integrity and to the vast national resources in the southern peninsula and economic zones in the Indian Ocean Region.

Terror in Dhaka: Has the Isis Threat Travelled from Europe to Gates of India

As pictures of the Dhaka terror outrage appeared repeatedly on the visual media in early July competing theories emerged about who was responsible for the carnage. Was it one organization, a dubious alliance or an informal morphing for respective advantage? Perceptions of the ISIS (Daesh) threat reaching India through Bangladesh   went viral forcing a string of assessments pointing to the inevitability of Daesh targeting India.