June 2016

Reappraising UN Military Interventions

Fresh thought needs to be given to UN military interventions in the light of what is happening in the Middle East and around the globe. There have been many such interventions in the second half of the twentieth century, running the gamut from large-sized interventions to small-scale ones. A majority of the earlier UN interventions took place in the “finding their feet” period of the newly independent nation states of the post-colonial period, after the end of the Second World War.

Admiral RK Dhowan, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC

'The Indian Navy’s strategy envisages positive engagement with maritime forces from friendly nations, so as to enhance mutual understanding, build interoperability, strengthen shared perceptions and develop opportunities for maritime security cooperation.”

Defstrat: During the International Fleet Review Indian Navy affirmed its position as a potent force capable of supporting the nation’s aspirations. It also sent a strong message of international cooperation friendship. What would be the next step?

Chinese Maritime Expansion: From Yellow Sea to Red Sea

A report of the Center for Contemporary China issued on 26th February 2016 stated that “China has started building a naval port in Djibouti – its first military supply depot in Africa – as the People’s Liberation Army tries to expand its international presence and security influence”. Located at Doraleh in South Djibouti, the Chinese facility, according to the Report,  “ will be watching one of the world’s busiest waterways through the Suez Canal and supporting the PLA Navy’s operations in the Indian Ocean”.

Structural Reforms in Defence Procurement Organisation

Defending the Nation is one of the Government’s primary responsibilities. To realise this, it needs to provide the Armed Forces with requisite capabilities. The sole intent of defence procurement is to provide Armed forces with robust capability to enable them to protect the nation’s security and also advance national interests, both in the short and long terms. Affordability and obtaining the best possible value for money by setting aside a balanced defence budget and management thereof is extremely vital.

India’s act east policy role of defence diplomacy

ASEAN, the Association for South East Asian Nations was established in Aug 1967 in Bangkok. The five founding nations were Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. Subsequently, it expanded to  present strength of ten members, after Brunei joined in 1984, Laos & Myanmar  in 1997 and Cambodia in 1999. The objective of this association is to promote peace, stability and prosperity in the region through collaborative approach.

What Ails our Unmanned World? A Possible Way Forward

I sat through and spoke at a very comprehensive and an excellently conducted Seminar on UAVs at the IDSA. At the end of the day, my take-home thoughts were as under:-
• While we seemed to know everything that constitutes the body of knowledge on all matters unmanned, there was no common thread which could connect, convert and deliver something concrete and tailor-made from the service providers to the users.