June 2016

Why Should India Bother about the South China Sea?

India’s burgeoning interest and occasional naval presence in the South China Sea is derisively dismissed by some as a case of maritime overreach if not hubris.  Their view is that by meddling in maritime expanses that do not directly concern India, the country and its navy will be distracted from activities that lie squarely within what ought to remain India’s (and its navy’s) principal area of focus, namely the Indian Ocean in general and the Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal in particular.  They believe that venturing into the South China Sea will serve only to mar a much-n

The War on ISIS (Daesh) : What Will Finally Work

Two  years after the emergence of  Daesh the world is still suffering from the ambitions of the Caliphate that Abu Bakr al Baghdadi set up in Northern Iraqi and Syrian territory. The supposed Caliphate’s strength emerges from its control of territory, systems for income of finances, leadership, an army of fighters and the emotional link that it has due to the geographic proximity to the Islamic shrines and the tribal Arab areas.