February 2016

The Pathankot Air Base Terrorist Attack

Luck, military skill, ‘Me-First’ bravery and…intelligence - They all combined to overcome what could have been Armageddon. Let’s  for once forego vicious criticism…Let’s instead , celebrate what we did right; review with critical skill and detachment what needs improvement…Brave men lost their lives for the Idea of India; let’s not revile them; denigrate their sacrifice. Instead, let us salute their deeds and sacrifices generously…

Interview : Chief of the Army Staff


As the Indian Army celebrates 68th Army Day, Chief of the Army Staff in an interview with South Asia Defence & Strategic Review (Defstrat) articulated his views on a number of contemporary issues facing the Indian Army and the Nation. Excerpts from the interview:

Defstrat: What is the latest sit in

J&K?  What is the prognosis for the future? How is the Army preparing to face the eventualities, as assessed? 

Issue 6 Nov-Dec 2016

- Futuristic Main Battle Tank / light Tank
- Futuristic AFVs : Operational Role and Employment

- Armoured Vehicle Modernisation Program: A Status Check

-Rebuilding India’s submarine fleet

- Equipment needs of Special Operations

Issue 5 Sept-Oct 2016

- India’s Current Artillery Modernisation Strategy : An Assessment

-Integration of Combat Surveillance and Target Capability

- -Proliferation of Mini UAVs

- - The Evolving Vision for Dismounted Close Combat

-FGFA : Current Status

Issue 4 July-Aug 2016

- Battlefield Management System

- Net centricity milestones and hurdles

- Synthetic Training : Simulation the need of the Day

- Transforming Lethality through Innovative Modular Weapons

- NVD Evolution

- Future Infantry Soldier : An Augmented Human

Issue 3 May-June 2016

- Maximizing Operational Performance by Integration of Command and Control Systems

- Indigenous Ballistic Missile Defence

- Security of Defence Networks

-Situational Awareness through integration of Advanced communication Technology

Issue 2 Mar-Apr 2016

- Indian Air Defence : Understanding Current Capabilities and Future Requirements

- IAF’s heavy lift helicopters

- Self Reliance and DPP
- Mapping the Future of Integrated Air and Missile Defence

- Challenges to a Joint and Combined Integrated Air and Missile Defence Operation : An Operational Perspective