February 2016

Road to the Republic,1929-1950

Asalute of 31 Guns to the President heralded the birth of Indian Republic shortly before 1030 hours on January 26, 1950. It was 894 days after the country attained the dominion status following the end of British rule.  The ceremony was held in the brilliantly decorated Darbar Hall of the Government House (earlier called the Viceroy House) and attended by about 500 prominent personalities including Dr Soekarno, the President of Indonesian Republic.

Scholar Warriors- Media & Information: Unexceptional Elements for the Indian Armed Forces

Examining various events that the Armed Forces have been involved in over the last two years my continuing belief is reinforced. This belief revolves around the fact that for years the Armed Forces have been discussing and attempting to teach and evolve policies on media and information but somehow have not risen above the basics in resolving the issue. The information revolution hit India just around the turn of the millennium and the Kargil War (Op Vijay) gave us the first clues of how important the media was going to be.

China’s Rebranding Trick: The Maritime Silk Road

“What’s in a Name?”asks William Shakespeare, while penning his famous “Romeo and Juliet”.  Contrary to gentle Juliet’s assertion “that which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet”, the harsher realities of geostrategy indicate that there is, indeed, a great deal in a name. The contemporary mandarins of the People’s Republic of China appear to have taken this to heart in their espousal and extensive branding of what has been named the ‘Maritime Silk Route’ within the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative.