10 Years at a Glance

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Vol 11 Issue 1 Mar - Apr 2017
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Editorial Team
Thursday, March 16, 2017

Over the past 10 years South Asia Defence & Strategic Review has researched, sought out and highlighted issues related to geostrategy and defence that matter to the South Asian region. Our objective has been to bridge the gaps in perceptions and help create an environment that promotes peace and security, despite divergent views, beliefs and ideals in the most populated region in the world. It has been our strong conviction that the subcontinent can prosper better if we act united. Given the geopolitical realities that exist at present, that might be a piped dream. However, the nation states can continue to strive for certain common causes and work together towards collective upliftment of the people of South Asia.

10 years is just a blip in the annals of history. As we celebrate the 10th Anniversary, the journey has just begun. Starting from scratch in March 2007, it has been a roller coaster ride, albeit Northwards. Gp Capt Anil Sharma envisioned and conceptualised the content and strategy. Soon after, he moved on, but not before setting the course. Ever since the journal has evolved, negotiating the rough and tumble of the chaos all around us. As we present the Anniversary Issue to our readers, one can’t help but notice a few changes- alterations in design, a subtle dash of colour, or the absence of it, and of course, a definite upscaling of content. The team too has witnessed changes, experts and luminaries in the field of geopolitics and strategy contribute feature articles thus enriching the content, just as the readers’ numbers soar and their profile becomes diverse multi-layered.

Since 2010 we started another initiative to compliment the effort and support the journal- organising symposiums and workshops on military subjects. These are global in nature, bringing together multiple stakeholders and experts under the same roof to deliberate upon and share each others’ views.

We have also collaborated with like minded organisations abroad for similar initiatives and share our knowledge and views with our counterparts on foreign soil, particularly in Europe and America.

Defstrat books is a recent initiative. Our books on military topics are already in the bestseller category. As the demand grows for our military books, we are exploring new arenas related closely to defence and security.

With the aim of bridging gaps and finding resonance in divergent views, our latest initiative is in the form of a communication agency. Compass Communications, a sister concern, will complement the endeavours of Team Defstrat in reaching the right audience with the right message through the most efficient means of communication in this dynamic and continuously evolving environment.

And before I pen off, a huge thank you to all our patrons, sponsors, contributors and readers for your support through the past decade. We promise to deliver more and better.